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"An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends."

Benjamin Franklin

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Do you love books?

So do I! But I'm old fashioned and prefer a physical book in my hands, with pages to turn and a long-last beacon of insights and adventures to store on the shelves of my personal library, easily accessible at a moment's notice in search of inspiration or knowledge. Digital copies just don't last as long in my attention span, no matter how good they are.


For me, when it comes to books, it's all about expanding my horizons, challenging myself with interesting and sometimes opposing points of view, always growing as a person and professional. Education is a lifelong endeavor, not confined to twelve or so years of sitting in a school desk.

But we're living through historical times. Whereas book burnings of yesteryear took place in town squares and parks, today the setting has moved online into digital squares and "rainforests".


Many book distributors today are intoxicated with power, feeling it is their right to dictate a three by five index card of allowable books to read. Any book not fitting their narrow views of the world are quashed and removed from the algorithms that decide what you should read or not.

It's time to take back control of your book shelf.

Tragically, distributing books across national borders, especially into Canada, has become an incomprehensibly expensive venture, unless done so at a loss and through a quality-crushing behemoth which has no heart nor soul and is able to suck up financial losses in book sales through other streams of revenue. (C'mon, you know whom I'm referring to...)

As such, Pinnacle Books has been formed as a bastion of biblio-sanity. It's the "local" (i.e. Canadian) online bookstore, more interested in ensuring quality books make it out to quality readers, rather than being concerned about outlandish profits. And while our prices may not match those of our soul sucking competition, we're at the ground level of building convenience and peace of mind for Canadian families looking to build your own libraries filled with books of your choosing, rather than the dictates of a sales and opinion algorithm.

I hope you enjoy what we're building for you, Canada. We're starting very small here so please be patient and help us grow through your support. We'll bring more books into inventory as soon as we know you quality readers are out there and interested. And if you have a book you think may be a quality read to add to our inventory, be sure to reach out and make the suggestion. While I can't promise every suggestion will be acted on immediately, we will keep all suggestions on file and pursue them when possible.

Together to the Pinnacle,



Fellow Bibliophile

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